Submissions 2018

Master Matt

Brendan Higgo

Robin Taylor

Estee de Villiers

Summit Productions

Jan Jordaan

Louis van Tonder

Niela Gie

Be Bolder

Dieter Pey

David Ewart

T Bone Productions


Ivan Zimmerman

Ryan Murdoch

Ant Hoard

DG Productions

Joe Linley

Jon O

Dian Kuhn

Jan Jordaan

Stephen Havvas

Chasing Corrie

Alfred Thorpe

We Are Adventure

David Mashil

Henk Brand


Henk Brand

Henk Brand

Georgina Du Plooy

Where is Ferran?

Hayds Brown

Dewald Kirsten

David Ewart

David Ewart

Kingpin Documentary

David Ewart

Vorster van Zyl

Plant Basecamp

Reon van der Watt

Alex Baker

The Wanderlust Couple

Michael Ellis

Thor Normann

Southern Cross Productions

Matt Uppink

Jan Jordaan

Jan Jordaan

Jan Jordaan

Jan Jordaan

Jan Jordaan

Casey Crafford

Dewald Brand 2017 Winner

Submissions 2017

Jean Mbuyamba

Ruth Schmidt

Rian Lauwrens

Raddon Jooste

Dieter Du Plessis

Ruan Kotze

Dieter Pey

Alex Weiss

Adriaan Oosthuizen

Henk Brand

Joy van Stavel

Philani Khowa

Tarryn Doherty

Taun Visser

Dewald Brand

Frank Meyer

T’s & C’s

  • Submissions must be no longer than 300 seconds, including titles and credits. Submissions longer than 300 seconds will be disregarded.
  • The online upload submission to YouTube can be in either high or standard definition, but must be no smaller than 360p (640 x 360).
  • Add the link to your film as well as its title in the form above.
  • Submissions should be filmed in such a way so that, if needed, they can be shown on “the big screen”. In submitting a short film, the applicant acknowledges that the film is his /her own creation, and that he/she has the rights to distribute it.
  • In submitting a short film, the applicant acknowledges that all characters within the short film have given their permission to appear within the submission.
  • In submitting a short film, the applicant attests that he/she has the rights to all the music used in the film.
  • In submitting a short film, the applicant gives Cape Union Mart permission to screen the short film in association with the South African leg of the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour 2017. The applicant remains the owner of the submission. Cape Union Mart will not sell or distribute the submission, and the film-maker will be named whenever the submission is screened.
  • Films should be suitable for all screens, and preferably shot at HDTV resolution (1920 x 1080) at either 25 or 50 fps. Footage can be animated, filmed live, stop frame or mixed format.
  • The winning film-maker will be contacted in person by a representative of Cape Union Mart.
  • The winning film-maker must make the best quality version of their submission available to Cape Union Mart.
  • The prize money will be deposited into the winning film-maker’s bank account.
  • Entries close at 12:00 on 30 June 2017.